Common Questions


What grades is Kingdom Classical Academy offering this year? In the years ahead?

We will serve Junior Kindergarten through 6th grade for the 2023-2024 academic year. We anticipate organic growth in the years to come, adding a minimum of one grade per year, each year – until the full offering of JK-12th grade is available. This follows the successful growth pattern of our mentor schools.

What is the timeline for admissions for the upcoming Academic Year?

Information meetings held November, January, February, March

February — Re-enrollment for current families

January through May — Family interviews and enrollment takes place

June 1 — Fall tuition due

Does Kingdom Classical Academy offer financial aid or tuition discounts?

We do not offer multi-sibling discounts or discounts to teacher’s children. It is our desire to make our distinctively Christ-centered, Classical, Collaborative education model as accessible as possible to all families. We do have limited funds within a scholarship program to provide assistance to families who meet the qualifications of need-based scholarships.

On-Campus School Days

What are the class sizes?

We are committed to small class sizes, with the target of 12 students, and never more than 16 students. Based on the experience of our mentor schools, we will likely see some classes with more students than others for the first year, and then the classes will fill out in the coming years. Small class sizes allow for the best teacher to student interaction and mastery of the material.

Do you have uniforms and a dress code?

Yes, we will have uniforms that are required to be worn for on-campus days, and are ordered directly from LandsEnd. More information will be released at enrollment.

What days are on-campus and what are the hours?

We are on-campus 2 days a week – Monday and Wednesday. School will begin at 8:45am and end at 3:45pm. Schedule details to follow.

What is KCA's policy on students having phones or utilizing tools like tablets on campus?

Technology is a powerful tool which can also be a significant distraction. To pursue what is true, good, and beautiful and instill a love of learning using classical teaching methods, we will not utilize any “screen time” for any instruction. Screen devices are not permitted on campus. KCA leaves the responsibility to the parents to shepherd their children at home in how they want them to engage technology.

At-Home School Days

What is the role of co-teacher (parent) when teaching at home?

For the days of the week that a K-4th grade student is at home, the parent assumes the role of “co-teacher.” The on-campus teacher introduces new concepts in class, and provides detailed lesson plans and a checklist for each subject that co-teachers (parents) use at home with their student(s). Parents are provided everything they need in a detailed, guided fashion. As students enter 5th grade, they will begin to work more independently and parents transition to the role of tutor. In the upper grades, there will be master teachers on campus, students are independent, and the parent’s role is to monitor progress. We do not expect parents to master and teach the more advanced material in the upper grades. KCA will provide extensive course material and resources for the advanced subjects in the upper grades.

How much time will be required of the student on a typical day of school at home?

The amount of time spent on lessons at home on Tuesday and Thursday depends on many factors, including family size, your student’s age and maturity, learning style and speed, and family dynamics.

Based on experience of our mentor schools, here are some real-world time estimates and have proven to be more efficient than a 5-day a week school model.

Kindergarten: 1.5 to 3.0 hours per at-home day

First Grade: 2.5 to 4.0 hours per at-home day

Second Grade: 3.0 to 4.5 hours per at-home day

Third Grade: 3.5 to to 5.0 hours per at-home day

Fourth Grade: 4.0 to 5.0 hours per at-home day

Fifth and Sixth Grade (when these grades are offered): 4.0 to 6.0 hours per at-home day

Seventh Grade and up (when these grades are offered) : 6.0 or more hours per at-home day

Once schoolwork is completed on home days, there is no additional work to be completed in the evenings.

For the grammar school – K through 4th grade – Fridays are considered a “flex day” to complete reading assignments, special projects, or field trip enrichment activities.

Transitioning From Other School Settings

My child would be coming to KCA from another school which is not classical. Will he/she be able to fit in academically?

Students have successfully transitioned to models like KCA from diverse backgrounds including private school, public school, and homeschool. Any student who is at or above grade level in their current school should be able to transition successfully to KCA. The first few weeks of our school year will include some review and we will also gradually increase the amount of work for the at-home days. Some memory work begins in the early grades and is repeated each year, i.e., History Timeline, so students can learn these items beginning in any grade.

What should I do to prepare my student for KCA?

As part of the admissions process, there will be placement tests to assess and determine placement for all incoming students. Kinder will have readiness testing, and 1st-6th will have reading and math testing. Upon results, KCA will provide a list of suggested and required summer preparation, including a reading list. We strongly encourage all students to read extensively during the summer months.

Expectations of Parents

Do I have to be Christian for my child to attend KCA?

Yes. The entire KCA community – board members, faculty, staff, and families – must joyfully submit and adhere to our Statement of Faith. All of our instruction will be rooted within and be consistent with these beliefs.

Are parents expected to be on campus Mondays and Wednesdays?

Parents are not required to be in the on-campus classroom on Monday and Wednesday. You may drop your child off at KCA and pick them up at the end of the day. There will be opportunities for parents to assist during the year, and those will be posted at a later date.

How will the parents be involved with KCA?

The parents’ primary role is to be an effective co-teacher during the at-home school days. For those parents that will serve in this role, we require them to be involved in our co-teacher training and orientation held in August, prior to the beginning of the academic year. We welcome our parents to volunteer for opportunities as they become available.